Fusing Forensics with Ted Sawyer Online Class – December 5

Investigate glass mysteries and elevate your kilnforming prowess during this online interactive class with Ted Sawyer, Bullseye's Director of Research and Education.

Class Times: Saturday 9am-12:30pm Pacific
Cost: $75 USD

Glass is wonderful through and through. It inspires wonder as a raw material. It inspires wonder in the form of finished objects. And it certainly inspires wonder in between those two states. Just imagine how many times kilnformers have thought: “I wonder why it did that!”

Now is your chance to go deeper into all that wonder. "How can I control bubbles? Why does some glass break? How can you tell when glass has devitrified? What are the limits of tested compatible glasses? How do you fire glass with greater control and nuance?" This new online class dives into these questions and many more during a dynamic interactive session.

Join Ted Sawyer, Bullseye’s Director of Research and Education, as he guides a live online* class through a fascinating survey of kilnforming phenomena. You’ll work with your classmates to compare fired glass sample sets as they're displayed online. Together, you'll try to solve the mystery of why the pieces in each set turned out so differently. Once you’ve had time to investigate all the case studies, your instructor will present a slide show and field questions as he reveals what caused each sample of glass to behave the way it did.

This adventure in Fusing Forensics will help you understand your material like never before. *A desktop or laptop computer with strong, reliable internet access is required. A tablet may work, but phones are not recommended. A web camera is optional but encouraged to enhance the class atmosphere.

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